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Santorini Fava

The traditional method of production which includes drying under the sun and ageing

8,50 €
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Koufeto Sweet Preserve

It is the local, traditional desert made

6,90 €
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Whole Tomatos

PDO Santorini Tomato Paste

3,60 €
Current Stock Level

Tomato Juice

It has velvet texture, intense aroma, vivid color

3,10 €
Current Stock Level

Tomato Sauce with Vinsanto

Santorini tomato juice, Santorini tomato paste triple concentrated

4,90 €
Current Stock Level

Santorini Caper Leaves

From the wild capers we carefully collect the leaves

5,00 €
Current Stock Level

Santorini Wild Capers

From the wild capers we carefully collect the flowers

5,20 €
Current Stock Level

Sun-dried Tomatos in olive oil

Their firm body and thick skin reveal an intense

7,60 €
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Spread with Santorini tomato paste, honey, mastic oil and ginger

6,00 €
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