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1947: Establishment of the Union of Santorini Cooperatives_ SantoWines

1971: Santorini Assyrtiko and Santorini Nykteri acquired by the legislation the Appellation Santorini PDO (Protected Designation of Origin)

1992: Operation of the new winery in the village Tower and visitation area Projection Center Wines Santorini SantoWines

2000:  New innovative strategic plan is applied, based on the synergy of tourism and the local farming development. Basic goals are set: the exploitation of European community’s and national funding, investment in technology and human resources, the certification of agricultural products Fava and Tomato as a Protected Designation of Origin products, the use of modern marketing tools, the continuous support of the farmers and the scientific research.

2001: Formulation of SantoWines Vision: Collectivity - Quality - Authenticity - Sustainable development

2002: Vinsanto wine acquires under the legislation the appellation Santorini PDO (Protected Designation of Origin)

2008: Modernization of the Tomato process factory

2009: Launch of the promotional campaign “Wines from Santorini” in the American market with an objective to introduce the brand Santorini as wines of premium quality.

2010: Achievement of objectives: Record increase in agricultural production, increase of cultivated land for beans and cherry tomatoes, and the number of young members of the Union has increased.

2013: The Tomato Santorini acquires under the legislation the appellation of Santorini Protected Designation of Origin

2016: Complete renovation and refurbishment of the Tomato process factory including the modernization equipment, and the opening of a new division “SANTO TASTE” for visitors, offering guided tour at the factory and tasting.

Today ... The Union faces with optimism the future by exploiting the synergy between local agricultural production and tourism and aims to continue to highlight the island as a unique Gastronomic destination.



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